Premiere of “Good Time to Die”


The short film “Good Time to Die”, directed by Senad Abduli, will have its premiere today at the Center of Culture “Iljo Anteski-Smok” – Tetovo, at 8 pm.

The film presents a different manner of the negative phenomenon of one of the oldest occurrences of mankind – suicide in developing societies. Meti, a male of around 50 years of age, married with three children, decides to commit suicide twice from his monotony of life and his inability to care for his family. On the other hand, being fixated on the exact date, day, and hour, Meti leaves far away from his home, never to find exactness…

Starring Senad Abduli, Naime Azi, Leart Abduli, Dea Sabriu, Adrian Kadri and Nejla Abduli, the film is produced by Arnel Production and is supported by the Macedonian Film Fund.