Premiere of the documentary film “Straight to the Stars”


On 4th June, in the small hall of the Macedonian National Theater, was premiered the documentary film “Straight to the stars”. The film is directed by Branislav Popovic and it’s realized by Tomato production, with supported by the Film Agency of RM.

“Straight to the Stars” is a documentary film dedicated to the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje. The pillar of Macedonian theater and the birthplace of many acting legends is a great motif around which to create a unity of memories and modern happenings. This documentary covers the period of the former theater building that was destroyed by the great Skopje earthquake in 1963, the work of the theater before the earthquake, the audience at the time and the city’s theater-going culture. Testimonies of the greatest theater legends, accompanied by old footage, help capture the spirit of the former theater, while at the same time introducing the ‘New Age’ of the modern Macedonian National Theater.