Premiere of the film “Secret ingredient” by Gjorce Stavreski in Thessaloniki


The feature film “Secret ingredient” by the director Gjorce Stavreski had his world premiere at the 58th edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The official screening of the film was held on 9 November at the Stavros Tornes Hall, starting at 8:30 pm and was attended by the film crew, along with the director Gjorče Stavreski, as well as representatives of the Macedonian Film Agency. Besides the official premiere, the film will feature another screening, scheduled for 10 November.

“Secret ingredient” is a story about Vele, a worker at train station with childish naivety and stubbornness, who desperately tries to bring the family together and steals a pack of marijuana that belongs to dangerous criminals and eventually has to pay the price.

Besides the direction of the film, Gjorce Stavreski is also signed as a screenwriter, editing is by Martin Ivanov, director of photography is Dejan Dimeski, and the author of music is Branislav Nikolov. The cast includes Blagoj Veselinov, Anastas Tanovski, Axel Mehmet, Aleksandar Mikic, Miroslav Petkovic, Dime Iliev and Simona Dimkovska.

The film is produced by Fragment Film and it is financially supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.