“Round trip: Mary” won Best Animated Feature Film at Festival Vilmos Zsigmond in Hungary


The short animated film “Round Trip: Mary” by Zarko Ivanov won the award for best animated film of the first edition of the Film Festival Vilmos Zsigmond in Hungary. The festival is in honor of the late great Hungarian cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, Oscar winner for the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” by Steven Spielberg and Bafta award for “Deer Hunter”. The award has a special importance because of the jury, the world famous film professionals and theorists, his friends and associates: Nigel Waters, a former president of Imago and Vice president of the British Society of Cinematographers, Pierre Filmon, jury member of Cannes 2017 and director of documentary film “Close encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond”, Gabor Szabo, director of photography of the Zsigmond’s film “Long shadow”.

“Round trip: Mary” until now has won six awards and participated in over 50 international film festivals. Next presentation of the film will be in the official competition at the film festival “Santiago del Estero” in Argentina, “Cinema Izola” in Slovenia, Film Festival of South-Eastern Europe in Paris and Berlin and “Constantin’s Gold” in Serbia.