“Secret Ingredient” wins four more awards and was screened in Prague


The film “Secret Ingredient” won four more awards last week at prestigious international film festivals. At the film festival in Aubagne, France, the film won Best Film award in the main competition with 9 other films. At the Bergamo Film Festival, Italy, it also won the First Prize in the main competition. At the Francofilm Film Festival in Rome, Italy the film received a Special Mention Award from the jury, as well as a special award at the Sofia Film Festival, from the jury of the Balkan Program.

In addition to these awards, “Secret Ingredient” was screened at the film festival Febiofest in Prague, where all the projections were completely sold out.

From the premiere in November until now, “Secret Ingredient” participated at 16 film festivals and won seven international awards as well as two awards in Macedonia, Zlatna Bubamara and Film of the Year from fakulteti.mk. The film was screened in India, America and several countires on the European continent. Apart from the awards it won, the film, with its quality, attracted the public’s attention and the world film criticism.