Started production of the feature film “Grandpa and grandson”


The feature film “Grandpa and grandson” by screenwriter and director Ilija Piperkoski, produced by Pandoras box production, in cooperation with Dream Factory and Alien film, started shooting in Ohrid. The film was financially supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.

 The story starts with the death of a young patient, after which the young doctor Nikola is trying to make an order in his life and goes to visit his grandfather, whom he is visiting after 10 years ago. This film is about conflict between generations, with contrasting values and opportunities for second chance. Love is not something that should be learned. It is something that we already have, but ironically we always have to re-learn. And for what purpose? To become clean people as ever when we were kids.

 The roles in the film are played by Dejan Lilic, Salaetin Bilal and Daniela Ivanovska. The film will complete shooting in Ohrid and this is the first time in recent Macedonian history, when one film is entirely shot in Ohrid, created by an author who lives and works in Ohrid. Author’s team is consisted of director of photography from Romania – Patron Paunescu, the set designer Vladimir Zafirkovski, costume designer Zaklina Krstevska, author of makeup and masks is Claudia Musat, sound recordist is Marius Stanescu and producer of the film is Ognen Antonov.