The festival success of “Fight for Death” continues


The short fiction film “Fight for Death” has been selected for the participation on four international festivals that will be held in October. The film will feature its African premiere at the Mediterranean Short Film Festival in Tangier, Morocco, and at the same time it will be screened in official competition at the International Film Festival in Hancheng, China. The film is also selected at the festival “” in Constance, Germany, and is also part of a selection of Macedonian films that will be shown at the festival “Sedicicorto” in Italy.

Screenwriter and director of the film is Eleonora Veninova, producer is Goce Kralevski from DNF film. The roles are interpreted by the actors Mite Grozdanov and Ilija Strumenikovski, while the director of photography is Dimo Popov.

The film is funded by the Macedonian Film Agency, with the support of Kanal 5 Television.