The film “Oh, My Love” will be premiered at the Skopje Film Festival


The film “Oh, My Love”, written and directed by Kole Angelovski, will be premiered on 21 April 2017, as part of the Skopje Film Festival, starting at 20.30 in the cinema “Millennium”.

The project is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency in 2015 with 232.500,00 EUR and it’s completed in just two years. The total budget of the film is about 325.200,00 EUR.

Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska at a press conference noted that this year Kole Angelovski is celebrating 55 years on the film screen. Namely, in 1962 he appeared for the first time as actor in the film “Sasha”.

Gjorgoska-Ilievska emphasized that “Oh, My Love” is a love comedy and added that genre comedy is rarely present in the Macedonian cinematography. She expressed hope that this film will arouse great interest among the audience and that it will make diversity in the Macedonian cinematography.

She referred to previous films Kole Angelovski’s films as a director and writer, which won numerous international awards. Reminded of his first film “Father / We are cursed Irene” and the legendary comedy “Weekend of the Dead”.

The director and screenwriter Angelovski emphasized that he made film about love, but seen from a humorous point of view: We made a film for audiences. The audience will want to the film, will enjoy it, be happy and satisfied after the screening. The film is mainly played by young actors, most rookies and I think the they deal pretty well in front of the film camera, said Angelovski. He informed that the project was filmed in several locations throughout Macedonia in Skopje and Mavrovo.

The film was realized in production of Award Film & Video in co-production with Quasar Film and KT Film & Media.

The cast includes: Nina Dean, Atanas Antanasovski, Aleksandar Mikic, Sonja Stamboldzhieva, Robert Ristov, Zharko Dimoski, Krste Jovanovski, Marija Kondovska, Erdoan Maksut, Kristina Lasovska, Valentin Kostadinovski, Eva Skenderovska, Edmond Sotir and Andon Jovanovski.

From 27th April, the film will be in a regular repertoire in the cinemas “Millennium”, “Cineplexx” and through the cinemas in Macedonia.

This year is also expected premieres of five Macedonian films: “Year of the Monkey” by Vladimir Blazevski, “Victim” by Marija Dzidzeva, “Secret ingredient” by Gjorce Stavreski, “Unforgettable Spring in the forgotten village”, by Kushtrim Bektesi and “Wait for me / Witness” by Mitko Panov.

A few days ago started shooting the feature film “Grandpa and grandson” bi Ilija Piperkovski and production company “Dream factory” and in next period it will start production of the films “Sigh of the Angel” by Jani Bojadzi, “Missing one” by Arben Thaci, “If tomorrow there’s no sun”, by Aleksandar Rusjakov, “God exists, her name is Petrunija” by Teona Mitevska and “Tsar Samuil”, by Antonio Mitrikeski.