“The Last Bells” awarded at the Montreal Film Festival


The short fiction film “The Last Bells”, won the award for the best short film at the 41st Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, which was held from 24 August to 4 September.

In competition for the award were screened about forty short films from all over the world, but the jury decided to award it exactly to the only Macedonian representative.

For the award, screenwriter and director Nikola Popovski, stated that: Ten days ago, I thought that participating in the festival from the caliber of the one in Montreal is honor and responsibility. But to win it, even during the first festival participation of the film, it is already a recognition for all who enabled its creation. Meto Jovanovski from the beginning gave me the knowledge that in the script he recognized the potential for this idea to be generally accepted and recognized.

Producer Goce Kralevski added that after the success and the award in Montreal, “The Last Bells” continues with the festival screening in the official competition of the Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece: I hope that apart from the visual narrative qualities, the festival’s prize in Montreal will open the doors for many new festivals and will enable significant promotion of the film “The Last Bells”.