“The Little Gipsy Witch” With Screenings In Bitola


“The Little Gypsy Witch” by Tomislav Zhaja begins with regular distribution in cinemas across the country. The film will be included in the repertoire at the small hall – Cultural Centre Bitola with screenings scheduled on February 13th (8:00 pm), 14th (10:00 pm) and 25th (8:00 pm).

The film is a 90 min. music comedy revolving around a urban, Roma family living in the suburbs of a big city: the father Hrast(34), the mother Aska (33), their daughter Manusha (9) and the granny Ilonka (55). At the moment when granny Ilonka breathes her last breath, mother is fired from her job, father loses his musical ear and his trumpet stops listening to him, and the family suddenly loses all their sources of income. Their electricity and telephone gets cut off and Aska begins predicting the fate of her mother’s clients while unsuccessfully sending numerous job applications. Manusha refuses to go to school because the other kids have a hard time accepting her…

The lead roles go to Rakan Rushaidat, Antonija Stanisic and Sabina Ajrula. Ticket price is MKD 100.