“The Third Half” Screened In Los Angeles


Darko Mitrevski’s Best Foreign Language Oscar contender “The Third Half” last night had an official screening at the “Simon Wiesenthal Center” in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, followed by a discussion with the audience.

Around three hundred guests attended the screening among them  key public figures from L.A. such as Bonnie Arnold (producer of “Toy Story”), Michael Berenbaum (author of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC), Ari Zev (Director of Administration of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education), David Franco (Paramount Pictures Studio music supervisor), Bavaria Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films representatives, Hollywood agents and producers as well as survivors from the concentration camps Auschwitz, Dahau and Treblinka. The screening was also attended by the director Darko Mitrevski, the producer Robert Naskov and the leading actress Katarina Ivanovska.

During the Q&A with the audience Mitrevski discussed the motives and true stories on which the film is based. Recently the film was also advertized in the prestigious film magazines Variety and The Hollywood Reporter as part of the accelerated Oscar campaign of the film with one final screening to be held in New York. The film also had a test screening for distributors in Chicago, and was rated “excellent” by 78% of the audience.

The shortlist of nine titles contenders for the Best Foreign Language Film Category will be announced by the American Film Academy in January.