Director: Reshat Kamberi

Producer: Dimitar Seizov

Screenwriter: Reshat Kamberi

Director of photography: Darko Elek

Editor: Dimitar Seizov

The documentary film will be filmed in a mechanics’ workshop, where the principal development of the story will take place, as well as in a home environment, in a warehouse for auto-parts and on the streets where the car will be tested.

At the beginning of the 70-ties, the car mechanic Abduraman Mustafa started creating a hand-made vehicle, a unique model of a racing car. In a couple of months, he completed his work and proudly presented it to his friends, who convinced him that he should participate on an international fair for cars and innovations held in Belgrade in 1974. The car of Remo (the mechanic) was awarded third place on European level, proving himself that he really made it.

The film will present the mechanic Remo, explaining his idea, as well as the realization of that idea, with all the difficulties, unfolding, as well as the joy of accomplishing the desired goal. His efforts for achieving an aerodynamic form, the electro-technical solutions and the uniqueness of these solutions, impressed the engineers in the automobile industry. He knows how to integrate his solutions in order to accomplish the desired results.

The monologue in the film will be evolving in between the desire and the prospect, while the effects will include moaning, sounds related to the work, euphoria, joy and disappointments.

The film will begin with the moment when Ramo sits in front of the TV set following a car race. Here starts the dilemma in his mind: Could I make such a special car intended for racing? He takes a pen and starts drawing, creating the car’s design. His unrest starts here – how would he prove himself and how would he prove to the others that he could make something that no one else could?

This unrest forced him to sleep less and to work more.

MK |  Pre-production | Documentary | Produced by Munlajt DOO

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