“To The Hilt” Starts Shooting This Week



The filming of Stole Popov’s new film, “To the Hilt” is scheduled to start this Thursday, in the village of Sveta, in the vicinity of Demir Hisar. It was announced that the action will take place over the next ten weeks on a full – scale train station set,  specially constructed for the movie.

Starring Inti Sraj, Sasko Kocev and Martin Jordanovski, the  film unveils a harsh though romantic story in which the eternal Macedonian cause for own identity and independence is seen from the angle of illusion and relativity of freedom, justice, love, happiness, sacrifice, lies and treason. This is a film about the dialectical encounter between the myths and the anti-myths, a film in which legends and storytelling face the ongoing reality of the cruel life through Macedonian history full of super historical absurd. This film breaks down the barriers of the space where western and eastern civilization have intertwined for centuries.

The film was supported by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian Film Fund.