Director: Sigurjon Einarsson

Producer: Gorgi Pop-Gorgiev

Screenwriters: Jason Miko, Aleksandar Bilbilov

Voices is a dramatized documentary film production about the Macedonian people and their struggles. The film is set in the present time, and its main protagonist is a Scandinavian Man, revisiting the Ilinden Uprising in Macedonia in the 1900s, as well as in the 1950s when the Macedonian patriots gave their testimonies for the Ilinden Dossiers. The Scandinavian Man meets contemporary figures who talk about the historic events, the fight and the struggle. In the film he travels throughout Macedonia, visiting the places where the events took place. He links those events to the time when the Ilinden patriots made the historical records, uncovering the continual timeline of struggle of the Macedonian people to form an independent Macedonian state.

MK | Pre-production | Produced by New Media 2016