Feature film “HOMO” Starts Production

Director Igor Ivanov and Skopje Film Studio Production started filming the latest feature film Homo, a co-production between Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo. A five-week shooting schedule is planned, including more than 20 locations in Skopje.

Six entirely different stories about six characters from Skopje intertwine here and now. Through the labyrinth of the disintegrated society, their destinies change forever. Each story has a separate title according to the main character of the story, borrowed from the terminology used by philosophic anthropology, trying to define the specifics of humanity.

The film is co-written by Igor Ivanov and Sasho Kokalanov,  produced by Tomi Salkovski through Skopje Film Studio while Bulgaria’s Gala Film, the Belgrade-based Art & Popcorn, Slovenia`s Iridium Film and Kosovo`s Trigger are coproducing. The project is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency, the Bulgarian National Film Center, Film Center Serbia, as well as the Kosovo Cinematography Center and the Slovenian Film Centre.