Original Format:  HD

Year of Released:  2010

Running Time:  26 min. 33 sec.

Director:  Senad Abduli

Producer:  Senad Abduli

Executive Producer:  Senad Abduli

Editor:  Lazar Sekulovski

Screen Writer:  Senad Abduli, Metin Izeti

Director of Photography:  Robert Jankuloski

Music:  Sherif Mustafa

Brief Synopsis:
One of the main problems with which population of Polog was facing after World War II without doubt was migration. Through the confessions of several families from this area we understand the difficulties and pressure that was used by former communist at that time with several different circles for emigration.This phenomenon will be reflected without doubt at many citizens with ethnicity which will not accept the system.We named film „Bitterness“, because this was pressure of universal nature.


International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2013

Production Companies:

Arnel Production

Block 82 Bа/12 1220 Tetovo, Macedonia