Home Sweet Home

Original Format:  2K

Year of Released:  2016

Running Time:  90′

Director:  Faton Bajraktari (Filmography)

Producer:  Trim Musliu

Editor:  Blaze Dulev

Screen Writer:  Zimber Kelmendi

Music:  Darko Spasovski, Goran Kerkez

Principal Cast:  Donat Qosja

Brief Synopsis:
Agron disappeared for years during the war, missing in action and presumed dead. When he suddenly returns home one night, his family are shocked: How will they tell the others about his return? Many projects have been undertaken in the village in the name of Agron’s ‘heroic death’. If he shows up alive it will create many problems for the beneficiaries of the project: his family is receiving financial help as the family of a martyr and has raised loans on the basis of this income. Now Agron has two choices: either to show up in public or to wait for the projects to end. A month passes and Agron is at home while a statue is being erected in the local schoolyard. He has made his decision…

Production Companies:
Rruga Muhamet Fejza
banesat e Royalit hyrja c15/13
nr 3 dhe 4
+377 44 672 107

Arnel Production
Blok 82 БА/12
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia