Original Format:  2K (16:9)

Year of Released:  2009

Running Time:  8 min

Director:  Ivan Ivanovski

Producer:  Violeta Kachakova

Editor:  Dorijan Milovanovik

Screen Writer:  Ivan Ivanovski

Director of Photography:  Ivan Ivanovski

Music:  Vladimir Kaevski and Ivan Ivanovski

Brief Synopsis:
Inside, in a space between four walls; Inside, in an individual world of hallucinations and expectations… The film Inside introduces the isolated world of a character, living in nostalgia of the past moments spent with his loved one.


  • Special Јury Mention – International Short Film Festival AsterFest, Strumica, Macedonia, 2010
  • Best Animated Film – Kriterion Cinema Club Movies Meetings, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009
  • Special Mention by the Jury member Matti Hagelberg – “Animateka” – International Animation Film Festival, Ljubljana 2009
  • Festivals:
  • Short Film Festival of Grenoble, France, 2016
  • Giffoni Experience Film Festival, Italy, 2015
  • Balkan Snapshots Film Festival, Amsterdam/Netherlands, 2009
  • Balkanima, Belgrade/Serbia, 2009
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia&Herzegovina, 2009
  • KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands, 2009
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Brothers Manaki” ,Bitola/Macedonia, 2009
  • DOT Online International Film Festival, 2009
  • Adana “Golden Boll” Mediterranean Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2010
  • San Giò – Verona Video Festival,Italy, 2010
  • BELEF – Belgrade Summer Festival, Serbia, 2010
  • 4Tuned Cities (International Film and Visual Art Festival (Pristina/Kosovo, Amsterdam/Holland, Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Herzegovina and Skopje/Macedonia), 2010
  • Yasujiro Ozu International Film Festival, Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, 2010
  • Detroit Independent Film Festival USA, 2011
  • Stoptrik International Film Festival, Maribor, Slovenia, 2011
  • Short film festival SHORT FORM ,Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, 2011
  • International Animation Day organized by ASIFA (Budapest, Hungary) as part of special selection of Stoptrik International Film Festival 2011
  • Special selection of Stoptrik International Film Festival, Giżycko, Poland, 2011
  • Animax Skopje Fest, Skopje, Macedonia, 2011
  • Special selection of Stoptrik International Film Festival, Kosice, Slovakia, 2012