Look At the Life through My Eyes

Original Format:  Beta SP

Year of Released:  2008

Running Time:  45 min

Director:  Marija Dzidzeva

Producer:  Sinisa Juricic

Screen Writer:  Marija Dzidzeva

Director of Photography:  Mak Vejzovic, Marina Koloska, Goran Naumovski, Fejmi Daut

Music:  Sead Hadzic, Mooger Fooger

Brief Synopsis:
This is the story about very closed, very sole world located in one village in Macedonia, village where life is like a fairy-tale, almost like lived in another time and space. People there look at the life through their eyes, accepting changes from the outside world very slowly, like not wanting to be part of it. They like to keep quiet about everything which does not fit into their fairy tale. The wishes, the fears, the fights, the secrets stay hidden behind the closed and high gates of the houses.


  • Grand Prix – Underhill, Podgorica, Montenegro, 2010
  • Special Mention – Beldox, Belgrade, Serbia, 2009 Festivals:
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2009
  • One World Festival, Prishtina, Kosovo, 2009
  • Pravo Ljudski, Saraevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009
  • Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2009
  • Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania, 2009
  • International Documentary Festival “Cronograf”, Moldova, 2009
  • International Short Film Festival Asterfest, Strumica, Macedonia, 2009
  • Zagrebdox, Zagreb, Croatia, 2009
  • IDFA International Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008

Production Companies:

Nukleus Dalmatinska

8 Zagreb, Croatia