Magic Hill

Original Format:  HDYear of Released:  2009

Running Time:  22 min.

Director:  Petar Dzurovski

Producer:  Petar Dzurovski

Executive Producer:  Igor Cvetkovski

Editor:  Petar Dzurovski

Screen Writer:  Petar Dzurovski

Director of Photography:  Brand Ferro

Music:  Dejan Spasovic

Principal Cast:  Pasko Kuzman

Brief Synopsis:
Magic Hill’s documentary, which by virtual journey through time tells the story of the primordial city and locality Plaoshnik. Archaeological surveys of the area indicate that Ohrid was old crossroads of various cultures and peoples. The merger of various civilizations and religions from all periods, from prehistory, then through the ancient and early Christian period, until the Ottoman time, conditioned on establishing a spiritual connection that has a vertical notion of holiness. Therefore, this area is considered a historic cosmopolitan space that connects the spiritual civilizations and religions. Particular attention in the film is devoted to the activities of the Macedonian saint and educator St. Clement.


Bronze Blueberry Award – Jahorina Film Festival, Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013


  • European Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
  • I’ve Seen Films International Film Festival, Milan, Italy, 2011
  • International Festival of Archaeological Film, Roverto, Italy, 2010
  • Macedonian Film Festival, Australia, 2010
Production Companies:

Lavirint Production

Nikola Rusinski 3b-2/4

1000 Skopje, Macedonia