Maraton athlete

Original Format: HD

Year of Released: 2009

Running Time: 29 min

Director: Robert Bacaj

Producer: Avni Dalipi

Editor: Faton Nasani

Screen Writer: Avni Halimi

Director of Photography: Osman Demiri

Music: Avni Krasniqi

Principal Cast: Avni Dalipi, MusaIsufi, Drin Dalipi, Genc Halimi, Drita Krasniqi, Zijadin Murtezi

Brief Synopsis:

In this film appears sensational period of political events in the former Yugoslavia, the event takes place, presented through the main Protagonist of the film Lili, who is also simultaneously witness and victim of those political developments starting in 1968 until the end of the war in 1999. The film ends with the emergence of the Protagonist from prison. Despite the fact that the film is developed in time of war, this film is humane and antiwar.

Production Companies:
LINA -R Press Production
Prva 10
1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia