Mrs. Rubin (Working title: Mrs. Erme)

Original Format: Digital (Red)

Year of Released: 2011

Running Time: 19 min.

Director: Kostadin Anastasov

Producer: Goce Kralevski

Editor: Goce Kralevski

Screen Writer: Kostandin Anastasov

Director of Photography: Fejmi Daut

Principal Cast: Dragana Kostadinovska, Petre Arsovski, Sofija Kunovska

Brief Synopsis:

The 27-year old intern at the psychiatry wards Sophie, who’s just graduated from med school, faces the cruel reality and learns the story of the 45-year-old resident of the ward, Mrs. Erme. The professor, Sophie’s mentor and the medical administrator of the facility, sees Sophie’s obsession with her faces and brings the two women together. As the doctor-patient relationship develops, Sophie learns that Mrs. Erme shares her obsession with her face, and furthermore, discovers that Mrs. Erme’s illness is closely connected to this obsession. Through investigation and the torture of her own dreams, Sophie learns that Mrs. Erme had a son, who at the age of ten died from chicken pox, while his mother was too afraid to ruin her face by getting infected by the disease.


  • Tuzla Film festival, Bosnia and Herзegovina, 2012
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012
  • Festival of European Film – CineDays, Skopje, Macedonia, 2012

Production Companies:
AWARD Film & Video
Kole Nedelkovski 12а/2 
1000 Skopje, Macedonia