My Father

Original Format:  Digi Beta

Year of Released:  2010

Running Time:  90 min.

Director:  Shqipe N. Duka

Producer:  Shqipe N. Duka

Executive Producer:  Ejup Duka

Editor:  Sofija Samoilovska Jovanovic

Screen Writer:  Shqipe N. Duka

Director of Photography:  Vladimir Samoilovski

Music:  Mevlan Osmani

Principal Cast:
Sefedin Nuredini, Xhemile Ibrahimi Njomza Ibraj, Mentor Zymberaj Teuta Jegeni, Amernis Nokshiqi Jovanovska

Brief Synopsis:
Zeka’s only son is killed in the war. All that is left to him is a house full of women, his wife, daughters and grand daughter, but no son to continue his legacy. Consumed with great pain he escapes into amnesia and begins to hope that his son is alive and will soon come home. One day a stranger comes in the village carrying coffins from across the border. Curious about the bodies Zeka invites him to sleep over. The night falls down along with the demons that will push Zeka into madness and make him a killer. Alienated from all the world he continues to wait for his dead son while his young daughter waits for him to be her father again.


Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2013

Production Companies:
ODEON scene 7
John Kennedy 27/3-23
1000 Skopje, Macedonia