Director:  Damjan Kozole (Filmography)

Producer:  Danijel Hocevar

Screen Writer:  Damjan Kozole, Ognjen Svilicic

Principal Cast:  Pia Zemljič, Jernej Šugman, Marko Mandić, Petre Arsovski, Jana Zupančič

Brief Synopsis:
Late on a Friday night a lawyer is found dying by the Ljubljana radial road. He is naked, with his body showing the marks of numerous dog bites, and a wooden dildo is strapped around his belt, reminiscent of the infamous Slovenian bullmastiff affair. Nobody knows what has happened. While the lawyer is fighting for his life in hospital, his wife Lea fights for his dignity, afraid of the media frenzy. Nightlife is a film about people and the fear of media lynching—of an “ultimately irresponsible media” in Franzen’s words. It is a film about modern Slovenian society and about corruption of which we are entirely unaware. More than simply a film about an investigation, it is a film about our inner lives and the beautiful and dirty thoughts simmering inside all of us.


“Crystal Globe” for best director – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2016

Production Companies:
Metelkova 6, SI-1000
Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 4397080.


Sisters and Brother Mitevski
Ruzvelt 4-38
Skopje, Macedonia
+389 3 064455