Original Format:  35 mm

Year of Released:  2009

Running Time:  98 min.

Director:  Julius Shevchik

Producer:  Karla Stojakova (CZ), Maja Mucheva (MK)

Editor:  Marek Opatrny

Screen Writer:  Julius Shevchik

Director of Photography:  Antonio Riestra

Music:  Jan P.Muchow, Goran Trajkoski

Principal Cast:  Pavel Gajdos, Milan Knazko, Dagmar Havlova

Brief Synopsis:
Between February 1929 and October 1931 Peter Kuerten has brutally murdered eight people and attacked many others. He killed men, women, children and animals anything that crossed his path. He spread the same panic Jack the ripper once did in London. Eventually this brutal sadist voluntarily gave himself up to the police. A young ambitious lawyer Justus Wehner is assigned to defend the killer. Wehner is certain that Kuerten suffers from a severe mental disorder and decides to prove Peter Kuerten is insane. Wehner starts to study the killer’s mind, but the further he sinks into Kuerten`s motivation and psyche,the less he gains control over the case.Wehner also meets Kuerten`s wife Marie,a lady with a dark past, whose role in the case is more than mysterious. Kuerten and Marie start to exploit Wehne`s mind and soul. Evil tendencies and despair slowly start to overcome Wehner. He burns the bridges of his old life, almost kills one of his witnesses and finally forces Marie into suicide. In the conclusion of the trial, Kuerten is declared “normal“. Wehner loses the case as well as his innocence, beliefs and carrier. Peter Kuerten is now become the new messiah. He will be a messiah of terror who will lead the people into a new age of fascism where insanity will become normal for everyone.

Production Companies:
Svet filma
Nikola Rusinski no.1
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
[email protected]

Axman Production
Stare Mesto ,
Rybna 683/17
Praha 1, Czech Republic
[email protected]