People Without a Country


Original Format:  HD

Year of Released:  2012

Running Time:  66 min.

Director:  Marko Gjokovik

Producer:  Sasho Peshev, Atanas Kirovski

Executive Producer:  Mihailo Cvetanov

Editor:  Filip Grchevski

Screen Writer:  Atanas Kirovski

Director of Photography:  Gjorgi Klincharov

Principal Cast:  Verica Nedeska Trajkova, Emil Ruben, Aleksandar Mikic, Milan Tocinovski, Goran Atanasovski, Dimitar Doksevski, Goce Vlahov, Marina Pop Pankova, Nadzi Saban

Brief Synopsis:
Many who fought in the resistance against the German occupation of Greece and in the civil war that followed were persecuted for decades after, regardless of their politics. It is only recently that they have felt free to tell their stories. “People without a country” is a documentary about people living in northern Greece during the period of the Greek civil war. Throughout the heroic story of Vera Foteva and her life we enter at the horrifying lives of the Dag soldiers, their fight for freedom and their fight for ideals in a period when sides change in a second.


Cinedays Festival of European Film, Skopje, 2011

International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012

Production Companies:

New Moment Video House

Orce Nikolov

107 1000 Skopje, Macedonia