Photo Finish (part of the omnibus “Skopje Remixed”)

Director: Ognen Dimitrovski

Category: Short

Phase: Released

Year: 2012

Brief Synopsis:

Evil forces in Skopje epitomized by the politicians and local power brokers are about to destroy the urban spirit of the town. DJ Max from Skopje whose hobby is riding motorcycles decides to oppose them. He meets with Lucifer, the Satan. They bet. Lucifer and Max have a motorcycle race from one to the other end of town. Either Skopje will be saved or Max will lose his soul.


Special Jury Prize – Balkan Food and Film Festival, Pogradec, Albania, 2013


  • Balkan Film Fest, Lublin, Poland, 2013
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012
  • Festival Diese, Dijon, France, 2012
  • Author Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012