Shining Darkness

Original Format:  HD (1080-1920)

Year of Released:  2015

Running Time:  23`

Director:  Arsim Fazlija

Producer:  Muzafer Etemi

Editor:  Shpetim Ameti

Screen Writer:  Arsim Fazlija

Director of Photography:  Rexhep Ibrahimi

Music:  Ilir Bajrami

Principal Cast:  Zelije Berisha, Nebi Berisha, Valbona Berisha, Vallon Berisha, Valmira Berisha, Diellza Berisha

Brief Synopsis:
The heroes of this documentary are the six members of the Berisha family from Prizren in the Republic of Kosovo: the father, Nebi, the mother, Zelije, and their four children, Valbona, Valon, Valmira and Diellza. Form the ages of seven to eight, three of the children, Valon, Valmira and Diellza, completely lost their sight due to a disease that causes the extinction of the eye stem cell. The documentary follows the family’s struggle to overcome this great challenge, especially Zelije’s transformation from housewife to teacher as she reads aloud the school lessons for the children so they can know and remember them. The success of her efforts is already evident, as Valon and Valmira are close to gaining a Masters Degree at the State University of Tetovo, while the younger daughter Diellza attends the Faculty of Law at the University of Prizren.


“Silver Horseshoe” Award -ASTERFEST International Film Festival, 2016, Macedonia


International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Macedonia, 2015

Production Companies:

Sejvi Production

Ul. 146, no. 31

1200 Tetovo Macedonia