Siska Delux

Original Format:  DCP

Year of Released:  2015

Running Time:  108′

Director:  Jan Cvitkovic

Producer:  Ales Pavlin, Andrej Stritof, Robert Naskov, Ondrej Zima, Pavel Bercik

Editor: Dafne Jemersic, Milos Kalusek

Screen Writer:  Jan Cvitkovic

Director of Photography:  Jure Cernec

Music:  Aleksander Peshut-Shatzi

Principal Cast:
Žiga Födransberg, Marko Miladinović, David Furlan, Jana Prepeluh, Marjuta Slamič, Aleksander Rusić, Marijana Brecelj, Petre Arsovski

Brief Synopsis:
Three male childhood friends are not quite so young anymore but cannot seem to grow up completely. When the aunt of one of the friends dies, she leaves him a small commercial property and the three friends immediately decide to open a pizzeria. At first it seems this is another project doomed to fail. However, just in the nick of time, a mysterious woman comes along and offers to help. There is another curious character who seems to be the friends’ archenemy but is ultimately transformed into their closest and most trusted friend. All the while, an intense family drama underlies the story and finally shakes the character to the core. The impetus for the sudden plot twists is a five-year-old girl who one day decides to leave her parents. In the end, the missing and scattered pieces of the puzzle start to form an almost idyllic picture of their world.


  • Cinedays – European Film Festival, Macedonia, 2015
  • Filmfestival Cottbus, Germany, 2015
  • „Let’s CEE Film Festival“ in Viena, Austria, 2015
  • „CinEast Film Festival“ in Luxembourg, 2015
  • Trieste Film Festival, Italy, 2015
  • “FEST” International Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
  • Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, 2015

Production Companies:
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Phone: +386 1 232 14 68
Fax: +386 1 232 14 69

Kino Oko
Nobelova 12a/6
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Evolution Film
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Czech Republic