Skopje Remixed

Original Format:  4K

Year of Released:  2012

Running Time:  100 min.

Director:  Borjan Zafirovski, Ognen Dimitrovski, Jane Altiparmakov, Sinisa Evtimov, Vardan Tozija, Darijan Pejovski, Srgjan Janikievik, Bojan Trifunovski, Sasa Stanisik, Gjorce Stavreski

Producer:  Borjan Zafirovski

Executive Producer:  Ognen Dimitrovski

Editor:  Jovica Panovski, Darko Stefanovski, Atanas Georgiev, Blagoja Nedelkovski, Marko Gjokovik, Gjorgi Dimovski, Bozidar Jovanovik, Sofija Samoilovska

Screen Writer:
Borjan Zafirovski, Ognen Dimitrovski, Jane Altiparmakov, Sinisa Evtimov, Vardan Tozija, Darijan Pejovski, Srgjan Janakievik, Bojan Trifunovski, Sasa Stanisik, Gjorce Stavreski.

Director of Photography:  Boris Mojsovski, Gjorgji Klincarov, Dimo Popov, Tomi Salkovski, Kristijan Vojdanovski

Music:  Sasko Kostov, Goran Atanasovski, Ljupa Angelov, Aleksandar Pejovski, Ognen Anastasovski, PMG

Principal Cast:
Milan Tocinovski, Kamka Tocinovski, Jana Stojanovska, Jovica Mihajlovski, Aleksandar Mikik, Ana Stojanovska, Dejan Lilik, Oliver Mitkovski, Petre Arsovski, Sasko Kostov, Nina Gacik, Slavica Nikolovska-Spasova, Sofija Kunovska

Brief Synopsis:
“Skopje Remixed” is a sublimate of Macedonian art of the 21st century, in which 100 artists from diverse fields of arts are being included. These artists, whose participation is notable, show their involvement with their sculptures, paintings and installations in the film. A visual remix of Skopje, made up of 9 stories will be created through their works and will present Skopje not only how it is today, but also how the artists would like it to be. This project is keen on the future, and it talks more about the solutions, and less about the past and the problems. The making of this film is a necessary landmark in Macedonian and Balkan cinematography, as it has an aim to overcome the issues originating from the period of wars, and has a necessity to show that the Balkan is not a place where savage people who only desire to kill – live, but to illustrate that this is a place of great thinkers and artists whose time has come when the foundation of one disastrous war will above all, build a new thought and a better future. The core impetus of this film is the indistinguishable spirit of the city of Skopje. That is to say, even though Skopje doesn’t have its own superheroes as Gotham City (Batman) and Metropolis (Superman) have; all its citizens are, as a matter of fact, the city’s peculiar superheroes.

Info about short films included in this film:

Bruce Lee is s Pussy
Photo Finish
Pogan Pagan
Skopje Lovers
The Colors of Love
The Whistler
Mangava Disco Punk
Happy Endings


Special Jury Prize – Balkan Food and Film Festival, Pogradec, Albania, 2013


  • Balkan Film Fest, Lublin, Poland, 2013
  • International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2012
  • Festival Diese, Dijon, France, 2012
  • Author Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012

Official Website:

Production Companies:
New Macedonian Video
Address: str.Karaorman no.26
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: + 389 71 26 06 26

Living Pictures:
Vasa Carapic5
11000 Belgrade,Serbia