Sound Seekers

Original Format:  HD

Year of Released:  2013

Running Time:  28 min.

Director:  Suzana Dinevski

Producer:  Suzana Dinevski, Ivo Antov

Editor:  Mishko Chunihin

Screen Writer:  Suzana Dinevski

Director of Photography:  Suzana Dinevski

Music:  Kostadin Bogdanovski, Davor Jordanovski

Brief Synopsis:
From the rare pieces of wood that could be found around the family house in the center of Veles, the artist Svetozar Bogdanoski makes violins that are used for performing at the most famous concert halls in Europe. The only violin maker from the Republic of Macedonia, whose violins are sold throughout Europe, is assisted in his work by his wife Marija, a violin teacher, and Tatjana, a painter. In the silence and peacefulness of their workshop located in the lower level of their home, one can hear the continuous sound of carving and sanding of maple and pine wood. The sound of the tools which are made from the same Japanese craftsman who make the samurai swords touches the stretched out strings of the freshly made violins. They are hanging on the racks, waiting for Kostadin, the son of Svetozar and Marija, who has been performing as a Concertino Asociado for the last five years at the Gran Theatre del Liceu, in Barcelona, Spain. Svetozar has never left Veles, rarely leaves his workshop, and has never heard the tone of one of his violins in a concert hall. He has never seen his son play one of his instruments with an orchestra, either. “Sound Seekers” is a music documentary on the bond of love between a father and his son, their shared passion for the violin, its tone, and the power of music. The story of the Macedonian Stradivari from Veles, Svetozar Bogdanoski, the only violin maker in Macedonia and his son Kostadin, a Concertino Associado at the Gran Theatre del Liceu, in Barcelona, Spain. Kostadin exclusively plays the violins made by his father.


Best Documentary – Balkan Food and Film Festival, Pogradec, Albania, 2013

Special Jury Award – Jahorina Film Festival, Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013


  • O!PLA Polish Animation Film Festival, Poland, 2014
  • DreamON Festival for Processing Culture, Struga, Macedonia, 2013
  • South East European Film Festival – SEE a Paris, Paris, France, 2014
  • Cannes Corporate Media& TV Awards, Cannes, France, 2013
  • Tehran International Short Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2013
  • Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, South Korea, 2013
  • Hot Docs (Festival Doc Shop and Doc Shop Online) Toronto, Canada 2013

Production Companies:

Suzi Kju Produkcija

Bulevar Ilinden

5/24 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia