The Field

Original Format: FULL HD 24fps cinema

Year of Released: 2016

Running Time: 25`

Director: Ibrahim Deari

Producer: Arben Fejzullai, Goran Cvetkovic

Editor: Erman Memedi

Screen Writer: Ibrahim Deari

Director of Photography: Ilija Zogovski

Principal Cast: Adem Karaga, Afrim Mucaj, Amernis Nukshichi

Brief Synopsis:

A father who is old and on his deathbed calls his eldest son, Bardi. He advises his son that effort and hard work will ensure him a better future for his family. For the old man, land is everything. Just after the father dies, the younger son, Lis, turns up in the village. Lin has lived for eight years in a west European country and has lost contact with his family. The real reason he has returned is to sell off some of the family’s land to pay off his debts to some characters from the underworld.

Production Companies:
Framein Production 
s.Otija, Lipkovo, Kumanovo
1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia