The Liberation of Skopje

Director:  Rade Sherbedzija, Danilo Sherbedzija

Producer:  Gorjan Tozija, Robert Naskov, Igor Nola, Vladimir Anastasov, Arto Halonnen, Danilo Sherbedzija

Editor:  Nicolas Gaster

Screen Writer:  Dushan Jovanovik, Rade Sherbedzija

Director of Photography:  Dejan Dimeski

Music:  Tuomas Kantelinen, Vlatko Stefanovski

Principal Cast:  Rade Sherbedzija, Silvija Stojanovska, Lucija Sherbedzija, David Todosovski, Nebojsha Glogovac

Brief Synopsis:
Zoran, an eight-year old boy, is the hero of this story. It is through his eyes that we experience all the cruelty of war, poverty, suffering and images of the occupation of Skopje by the Germans in 1942 with the help of their Bulgarian allies. Zoran’s father, Dushan is a member of the Partisan forces. His uncle, Gheorgiy, is also a member of the resistance and plays a part in the assassination of a high-ranking German officer, as well as in the evacuation and transport of Jews to free territories. However, he fails to save his neighbours and close friends, the Jewish family Rossman, from deportation. Zoran’s little friend Renata Rossman and her family are led away by the Germans to a concentration camp.


Pula Film Festival, Croatia, 2016

Production Companies:
Partysans Production
Georgi Dimitrov 46
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Lijeni Film
Tomasiceva 11
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Art Films production AFP Ltd.
Merimiehenkatu 10
00150 Helsinki, Finland

MP Film Production
Nova Cesta 60
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Kino Oko
Nobelova 12a/6
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Film&Music Entertainment LTD
Unit 25, Archer Street Studios
10/11 Archer Street, London