The Old Man’s Last Stand

Original Format:  5K

Year of Released:  2015

Running Time:  35`

Director:  Arben Thachi

Producer:  Arben Thachi

Editor:  Shpëtim Ameti

Screen Writer:  Arben Thachi

Director of Photography:  Halim Luta

Music:  Fatos Lumani

Principal Cast:  Garip Ibrahimi, Rafi Halili, Mile Tanevski-Kukulj

Brief Synopsis:
The fate of three elderly craftsmen is closely linked to the fate of trees from which they make a living. Like trees, the characters aim for heavenly heights while everything around them tends to keep them rooted or knocked down to the ground. Many craftsmen share the same fate.


International Cinematograpers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Macedonia, 2015

Production Companies:

Arb Film

Ljube B. Pish 31

1220 Tetovo, Macedonia