Two Times


Year of Released:  2011

Running Time:  53 min.

Director:  Kiro Urdin

Producer:  Osmoza & Karter Film Production

Editor:  Vladimir Petrovski – Karter

Screen Writer:  Kiro Urdin

Director of Photography:  Brand Ferro

Music:  Venko Serafimov, Vasko Serafimov

Brief Synopsis:
In his ongoing quest and passion for Africa world traveler, painter, writer, and filmmaker Kiro Urdin has finished his latest third film inspired by Africa’s wilderness. Its’a feature art film filmed on locations in Masai Mara, Kenya. Actors are lions, hyenas, wildebeests, elephants, baboons, zebras etc. Humans are playing the roll of statists in this thrilling film about a parallel universe of everyday life of wild animals, a life from which we can easily identify ourselves in our everyday struggle for survival in our highly civilized society.


Winner of Giant Panda Grand Prize – International Animal and Nature Film Festival, Ya’an, China, 2012

Official Website:
Production Companies:

Osmoza Production

Karter Film

Production Crniche 30a, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia