Director: Vasil Hristov

Producer: Vasil Hristov, Goran Acevski

Screenwriter: Vasil Hristov

Director of photography: Dusan Kardalevski

Editor: Vasil Hristov

Sound designer: Darko Spasovski

Music: Darko Spasovski

Principal Cast: Kiril Korunovski, Nikolina Kujaca, Oliver Mitkovski, Igor Angelov, Jordan Simonov, Sofija Nasevska, Aleksandar Mikic, Jelena Jovanova, Gorast Cvetkovski, Dragana Kostadinovska, Sashko Kocev, Sonja Stamboldzioska, Slavisha Kajevski, Jelena Galevska, Kiril Pop Hristov

Brief Synopsis:

During a late-night after-party, a group of friends is having a spiritual séance. They jokingly try to get in touch with the spirit of Alexander the Great. However, instead of the spirit of the ancient leader, the real Prime Minister of Macedonia materializes among them.
The news about the sudden disappearance of the Macedonian Head of Government spread around the world in a split second. The world media reports about his vanishing from the bedroom where he was sleeping next to his wife. The country is in a highest state of alert.
Overnight, the group of friends unintentionally become the Prime Minister’s abductors and he becomes their unwanted hostage.

MK | 2018 | 90‘| Digital | Drama | Produced by Diabolik Co-produced by Kino Oko