Director: Kristijan Risteski

Producers: Darko Popov, Kristijan Risteski, Jovica Panovski

Screenwriter: Kristijan Risteski

Brief Synopsis:

Seven people are living in the wrong place and at the wrong time for their own values. After making a deathbed promise to look after her friend’s son, Snezhana becomes ‘mother’ to Bobby, a brand new 20-year-old junkie ‘son’. Maya is a ‘lone wolf’ (recluse) and Igor is a ‘fish out of water’ (Asperger’s). They are not supposed to meet, but they fall in love, get married and have an autistic child. Nikola, Gorazd and Deyan are childhood friends who struggle to adapt to this new world dehumanized by the virtual communication and the aggressive encroachment of politics upon our lives.

MK | Pre-production | Drama/Comedy | Produced by Vertigo