Director: Jordan Dukov

Producer: Ljubisa Arsic

Screenwriter: Jordan Dukov

Director of photography: Kristijan Karadzovski

Editor: Dorijan Milovanovic

Music: IlijaDzadzev

Principal Cast: Ivan Bekjarev

The documentary film “Dzadzev” is dedicated to Ilija Dzadzev, musician, Hawaiian and classic guitar virtuoso, writer, a man-phenomenon. He was born in Gevgelija in 1925, and died in 1991. What makes Dzadzev a phenomena is his over 6,000 free concert he held across the world. He performed on squares, in front of beggars, miners, kindergarten children, students in cantinas, workers in the fields, traveling over four million kilometers with his guitar. His life story, his opus and persona was unique and remarkable. The story may sound like a local one, since it involves a local hero, bur what Dzadzev carried in him and what he achieved was universal from both an artistic and a humanist viewpoint.

MK | Pre-production | Documentary, Biography | Produced by Kadar- investigative journalism, documentary and education