Director:  Kastriot Abdyli

Producer:  Kastriot Abdyli

Screenwriter: Kastriot Abdyli

Editor: Kastriot Saqipi

Music: Memli Kelmendi

The documentary film “Skanderbeg also in Skopje” – historical documentary film, deals with the figure of the 15th century Albanian hero, George Castriot Skanderbeg or the “Uncharted Albanian King” who was ennobled for centuries for his war against the world’s superpower at the time, Ottoman Empire. Skenderbeg was  also known as the defender of civilization from the penetration of the Ottoman Empire. For all his merits, Vatican decorated him with the medal “Athelete of Christ”.

His photos, portraits, memorials, and monuments can be found in almost all Albanian settlements (Tirana, Pristina, Skopje,), but also in the world metropolises such as Rome, London, Vienna, Sidney etc.

MK, XK | Pre-production | Historical Dokumantary | Produced by Dardania Film (MK) Co-produced by Shkupi Film (XK)