Director:  Burim Bilali

Producer:  Driton Nebiu

Screenwriter:  Naser Rafuna

Director of photography:  Besfort Imami

The story is based on contradictory relationships of the comparative characters of two families, rich and poor. An occasional music background is also predicted that will reflect the inner world of the characters. The script contains sentimental elements, so in some moments it gets the impression that it can’t get out of the melodrama. As with Strindberg, the high social layer is shown as low, and the low as the bulwark of moral values. This is also shown through the chosen colors, in the family of the rich corrupt employer, cold tones dominate whereas in the poor family, where the head of the family is valuable physical worker, the events are shown in warm colors.

The main character, the poor, lives with his wife which is faithful, clear and patient in the given circumstances. They have a small house on the periphery of the city. Their children, like Tom Sawyer do not feel the poverty, because they grow up along their parent’s love, and who do not have the hope of a better tomorrow in the material sense of the word, but they live the moment and rely on one another. Seeing them, a man recalls on the Rumi’s most beautiful songs.

And as a counterbalance to this family, and through the prism of the physical worker in their garden, a cold climate of relations between the rich and his wife is shown. They are before divorce. No value of wealth, when it’s not honestly earned. And no benefit of money, when there is no love.

This would be a brief outline of the story, in which the actors, the director and the screenwriter can be uncovered in their creativity.

MK | Pre-production | Drama | Produced by POINT Production