Director: Ognen Shapkovski

Producer: Bogdan Jonchevski

Screenwriter: Ognen Nedelkovski

Director of photography: Kristijan Teodorov

There is a Faust hidden in each and every one of us. The mission of the devil (materialized in the form of Lucy) is to awaken it and to introduce it to the world of evil. She’s been doing it for the past 21 centuries. But the Old Fool keeps betting against her. And losing.

This is a short film about Lucy, who makes a pact with Ivan, a musician, enabling him to feel love, to be with the woman he loves and desires and to write a song inspired by his love for her… In return, Lucy asks Ivan to sell his soul and to destroy his beloved Natasha.

This is a film about evil, about the Faust syndrome, the music, the inspiration and the Devil who persistently recruits new victims and collects their souls. 

MK | Pre-production | Sci-Fi, Drama |  Produced by Citystar Production