Director: Verica Nedeska

Producer: Darko Popov

Screenwriter: Verica Nedeska

Director of Photography: Dimo Popov

Editor: Goce Milanoski, Michal Reich

Cast: Simona Dimkovska, Sabina Ajrula, Verica Nedeska, Risto Stefanovski

Sound Designer: Risto Alchinov

Music: Valentin Vidovic

Brief Synopsis:

Nika is a young girl who is in a desperate need for money. On her first workday at the complex for elderly people, she meets Vera, a forgotten actress who is willing to pay money in order to die.

MK | Post-production | Drama | Produced by Story Scope Production Co-produced by Focus Pocus Films

  • Festivals:
  • IFF Manaki
  • Torino Short Film Market