Director: Izer Aliu

Producer: Dimitar Nikolov

Screenwriter: Izer Aliu

Director of photography: Benjamin Loeb

Brief Synopsis:

LUAN (35), shady but good person, father of BENJAMIN (14) who he promises to become rich. One day he finds out that he has inherited a small house from his late parents who gave him up as a baby. But there is an issue; the property is illegally taken by the neighbour. Luan can`t afford a lawyer and starts to learn the laws. By chance, he stumbles on an opportunity which soon leaves him as the officiall owner of the moon. But an old man SPIROS from Greece claims the moon is his. The judge doesn`t want to touch the case and they should settle. Luan wants to sell the moon to provide for his son and Spiros doesn`t care about money, but to give it to his wife Mina because he could never give her a child.

MK | In Development | Sci-Fi | Produced by KT Film & Media